Q: Can we write our own vows?

A: Yes – and I have several examples that I can share.


Q: Can we have our photographer take pictures during the ceremony?

A: Yes – your photographer can take whatever shots they need to.


Q: Do you stay for the reception?

A: Unfortunately I am not usually able to stay due to other commitments.


Q: What will you wear to the wedding ceremony?

A: I usually wear a dark suit and tie but can usually accommodate special requests.


Q: Who plans the ceremony?

A: I provide a draft and you can make any adjustments you desire.


Q: Do you attend the rehearsal?

A: Attending the rehearsal can be part of the agreement.


Q: Who provides the marriage license?

A: You will need to do so – please see the tab License and Fees


Q: Do you require pre-marriage counselling sessions before you officiate?

A: No – but I do strongly encourage every couple to take a few sessions with me before they get married.  It’s amazing how much stronger a relationship can become with just a little bit of insight and encouragement!  Please see the tab Pre-Marriage Coaching


Q: Are you a wedding planner?

A: No.


Q: How long should we book ahead?

A: As soon as you know your date contact me so that I can check my availability and solidify the date.


Q: How many witnesses do we need?

A: You will need two witnesses at least 18 years old.


Q: Do you travel outside of the Calgary area to officiate weddings?

A: Most of my weddings are in this area but I am able to travel further distances as well.  Please contact me to discuss details.


Q: How do we book a date and time?

A: See tab Contact